Falcon's Nest Repair Station

5303 Youngstown- Kingsville Rd
Cortland, Ohio 44410
330-924-2677- Fax: 330-924-5033
41 21' 49.23" -81 39' 56.7828"

Authorized Dealers

. Kubicek Balloons is an independent company specializing in the design and manufacture of hot-air balloons and airships. Situated in Brno, Czech Republic, Kubicek Balloons has been manufacturing hot air balloons and airships since the early 1980's.  Since that time Kubicek has grown so extensively that the company claims to be the fastest growing balloon manufacturer in the world. Kubicek interest is fast growing now in the US with 9 dealers spread out across the lower 48 states. John Moran and Luke Russell are very happy to assist you in answering any questions about the Kubicek Balloon systems available.

Kubicek is very happy to create custom Supplemental Type Certifications for your ballooning needs.


John Moran, 90,000 cu ft 24 gore          Kyle Farber's 90,000 cu ft 24 gore                    Chet Davis, 105,000 cu ft 24 gore            

      Kubicek basket                           Kubicek Double Ignis burners

The Kubicek Factory team and a Kubicek "racer style" basket

XR Racer "Hummingbird" Balloon

Debby Young's Grand Prix Hybrid Racer
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